BarBara Wright

BarBara Wright recently spent a few days (and nights) at Patterson Health Center’s inpatient swing bed. 

This is what BarBara had to say about her stay –

“My recent week’s stay at Patterson Health Center found me coming home well and spoiled.  The medical attention given to me from Jody (Jo Anne) Berry, PA-C and her assistant Shaneese Wedman, RN was very prompt and attentive.  I also considered it a real treat to have my delicious meals delivered to me in my room.   The personal care given to me, made me feel like the lady of the day.   My husband Joe and I appreciate PHC – we feel so fortunate to have this modern facility in our community. 

I become sad when I think of Neal Patterson and his wife aren’t with us to personally receive our words of deep appreciation.  It is possible by now; we would have lost one of our medical facilities (in Harper County). So again, my appreciation to all of those that worked so hard and spent countless hours to make PHC a reality.  We also appreciate the specialists coming to PHC to avoid going to the city.  When the facility was being built, we made very frequent trips to observe and photograph the progress while being built.  If I had the talent to be an author my first publication would be the autobiography of Neal Patterson and the title would be a quote from Neal’s father: “When the sun goes down, plow another round.”  Being a farm wife in the past it gives me the insight of the drive Neal possessed to set his goals and attain them.  The Cerner Program (EHR) is so great! To know there is a world-wide program from a local farm boy growing up and graduating from Harper County.    Again, we are so thankful to have this wonderful facility and staff here in Harper County!”


Note:  Patterson Health Center offers Inpatient Swing bed.  Swing bed offers skilled services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, case management and much more.   Patients who have experienced a recent surgery, stroke, heart attack, wounds or even need IV antibiotics can benefit from Patterson Health Centers skilled swing bed services.   For more information call 620-914-1200 or our website at