Danny Porter

February 2020 Danny Porter was experiencing overall fatigue, shortness of breath and tightness in his legs.  Knowing the signs and symptoms, combined with a family history of heart disease, Danny scheduled an appointment with his primary care physician Dr. Sid Stranathan at Patterson Rural Health Clinic.   Dr. Sid assessed Danny and recommended he see a cardiologist, Dr. Christian Hourani, who sees patients at Patterson Health Center the first Wednesday of every month.   Dr. Hourani’s work up confirmed that Danny had severe aortic stenosis and single vessel coronary artery disease.  Due to COVID-19 Danny’s heart surgery, scheduled at Kansas Heart Hospital, was delayed until July 2nd. 

After Danny’s surgery and 3 weeks of rest, Danny came back to Patterson Health Center’s outpatient department where Dr. Hourani and Dr. Sid recommended he participate in the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 8-week program to help him regain his strength and stamina.


We asked Danny if he had any advice or thoughts he could pass on to future cardiac/heart patients.  His advice:


“The day I started this program (Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation) I had to use a walker to get me in here.  Don’t measure your progress in days, measure it in weeks.  It takes a lot of time and patience to recover. They have good people working here that will get you on the right track. When I finish this program next week, I’ll be joining the fitness center to continue my workouts.  You must keep going”