Dr. Amy Walker

Dr. Amy Walker

Wife, daughter, mother, Dentist, friend and faithful servant.   At age 37 years Amy felt the urge to get a mammogram.   What led her to this?  Did she feel something? Did she have a lump?   Was she in pain?  No lump, no family history of breast cancer.   Some pain on both sides that resembled normal cyclical symptoms unrelate to the find.

Amy Scheduled a visit with Leah Gerdes a provider at Patterson Health Center who referred her to Dr. Robbins (OBGYN at Patterson), She scheduled a 3D Mammogram at PHC, which led to a biopsy.  A few days after the biopsy, it was verified that Amy, at age 37 did have a cancerous/precancerous situation and she would need surgery.  Due to Covid-19, there were many restrictions at medical facilities, but she was able to proceed with her surgeries. Good planning and early detection helped Dr. Amy Walker make a personal decision to fight breast cancer. 

Here are some of Amy’s recommendations and comments:

“Chose a provider who will listen to you and believe you – Leah Gerdes, APRN was great and so was Dr. Robbin’s NP Amanda.”

(If you don’t have a primary care provider (PCP) call 620-914-1200 we can help connect you with a provider that will be right for you.)

“I was able to be screened early (before 40 yrs) and I was able to do all that locally.” 

(Patterson Health Center Right here in Harper County provides 3D mammograms and sonograms every Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.  Dr. Samantha Beck provides services including breast biopsy’s at PHC on the second Wednesday of each month.)

“Support of other women during your journey is key.”    Join the 3D Patterson Team (Tell Everyone About Mammograms)

Call 620-914-1200 Ext 5005 to schedule your mammogram and find out more about our TEAM.