John McDermott

Saturday August 8, 2020 Mr. John McDermott sat under a canopy in his lawn chair with his tailgate down selling watermelon and cantaloupe at the Harper County Homegrown Farm and Art Market.  If you were to ask what he was doing a year ago – He’ll tell you exactly where he was and what he was doing July 21 and 22, 2019.   John was a patient at Harper Hospital.  On the morning of July 22,2019, a live mock emergency disaster drill was initiated where patients, staff and area emergency crews carefully transferred all patients from the Harper and Anthony Hospitals to Patterson Health Center.  John was one of those patients and now holds the bragging rights to “One of the very first patients admitted to Patterson Health Center.” 

When asked about his experience last year, John stated:

“Karlie Parker was my provider, she is always sharp.  It amazed me to see the comradery of the two teams (Anthony and Harper) come together.  They worked very well together.    The care at Patterson Health Center – GREAT! Everything I needed; they were there.”