Payson Hedlund

On Saturday May 16, 2020 Payson Hedlund was at his home roping in the arena with his son when his left arm went numb, his neck and jaw became tight with radiating pain and his chest became heavy and “on fire”.  Payson knew something wasn’t right.  He immediately phoned his sister in law, an Advanced EMT, who instructed him to take some baby aspirin.   She arrived at his house and rushed him to Patterson Health Center Emergency Room where the provider and nurses were prepared for his arrival. 

Payson had an IV started, EKG completed, and was stabilized within minutes.  It wasn’t long before Payson felt fine and was ready to go home.   Since Payson had just experienced a Heart Attack, his provider insisted he go on to Via Christi St. Francis for a workup with a cardiologist.    Payson agreed to go and now states “I was very impressed with how smooth and quickly all the staff at Patterson worked with me that day.  From the time I arrived at Patterson, received treatment and settled and in at VCSF only 2 hours and 15 minutes had passed.”

Payson is now back home.  He continues to go to Patterson Health Center 3 times a week for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation on an outpatient basis. 

When we asked him about his experience at Patterson, he replied “Harper County is lucky to have Patterson Health Center.   This facility really is a gift.  Everyone should utilize this facility and not be afraid to go there.  I am grateful for the staff - You really do receive better care right here at home where the staff taking care of you know you personally and know your history. 9 months ago, I was diagnosed with Diabetes during one of my clinic visits with Karlie (Parker, APRN).    We trust the providers here.  Our children are seen at Patterson too.  We don’t even have a pediatrician. Yesterday Mesa, my 2 1/2-year-old daughter had an appointment in the clinic.   Today Bailey Jo, my 6 DAY old had her follow up here in the clinic while I had my Cardiopulmonary therapy appointment. After our appointments we can eat a healthy lunch in the Café – who would have ever thought I would be eating cauliflower pizza?  We would spend 3 additional hours a day going to Wichita to do this.   Instead, we are able to have all this right here in Harper County!”