PHC Designated Level IV Trauma Center

By Patterson Health Center on January 31, 2023

Patterson Health Center is pleased to announce that it has been designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

“We know injuries are a leading cause of death and disability in Kansas,” KDHE Secretary Janet Stanek said. “KDHE’s Trauma Program works to ensure those who are injured in Kansas have access to an organized system of trauma care that offers them the best chance of recovery. On behalf of families and visitors in our state, we acknowledge Patterson Health Center for its commitment to provide care to trauma patients in Kansas.”

Level IV trauma centers are hospitals whose primary role is to stabilize seriously injured patients and, if necessary, transfer them to a higher-level trauma center. Hospitals that have achieved Level IV trauma center designation have demonstrated a commitment to providing optimal care for those who have been seriously injured.

“I am super excited to see Patterson Health Center recognized as a Level IV Trauma Center,” said Crissa Cox, RN, Emergency Room Director and Trauma Manager. “PHC has been acting as a Level IV Trauma Center all along, but on-site surveys have been on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, which delayed certification.”

On Dec. 1 2022, PHC was the first trauma department in three years to have an on-site survey and received a final report showing no deficiencies. Part of the designation includes a multidisciplinary trauma peer review committee, collaboration with EMS and receiving trauma centers, and a performance improvement and patient safety (PIPS) program.

The team that looked over the site visit and trauma designation included Cox; Dr. Kent Potter, DO, Trauma Medical Director; Jan Harding, EMS Director; Alycia Livengood, RN, Nurse Educator; Heather Reames, BSN, Director of Inpatient Services; Rachel Hadsall, RN, QI Coordinator and Trauma Registrar; and Lori Allen, COO and Interim CEO.

“Rachel and Aly spend countless hours leading the way to make sure we provide the best care, while meeting quality measures, as we strive to take advantage of all improvement opportunities,” Cox said. “The entire ED team is phenomenal. I would choose each of them, over and over again, to take care of my loved ones any day of the week.”

Designated trauma centers must meet the essential criteria that ensure trauma care capability and institutional performance as outlined by the American College of Surgeons and endorsed by the Kansas Advisory Committee on Trauma.

There are four separate categories of designation by the Kansas Trauma Program. Each category has specific criteria that must be met by a facility seeking that level of designation. A trauma care system includes a network of hospitals providing a spectrum of care for injured patients. Trauma center designations are based on the hospital’s care capability from the highest, Level I, to hospitals designated Level IV.

Injuries are a leading cause of death and disability in Kansas. KDHE’s Trauma Program works to assure those who are injured in Kansas have access to an organized system of trauma care that offers them the best chance of recovery.

The emergency department at PHC continues to fit this, and Cox is honored to be a part of the team.

“They are the reason we received this designation,” she said. “Congratulations to PHC and the ED team. I am proud of you!”