Reiferd Acord

On May 12, 2020 Reiferd Acord made a return visit to Patterson Heath Center’s Emergency Room to personally thank the staff who took care of him two weeks prior. He brought a variety of fresh baked cookies, plenty for the entire emergency and inpatient staff.

For three days Reiferd experienced severe pain and heartburn that he tried to ignore. Not wanting to make a visit to the local hospital. On Tuesday April 28 th, the severe chest pain and pain radiating through his back and left arm gave him no choice but to ask his wife to take him to the Emergency Department at Patterson Health Center.

When he arrived at Patterson Health Center the staff immediately assessed his symptoms, stabilized him and began coordinating a seamless transfer to Via Christi St. Francis. Upon arrival Dr. Christian Hourani performed a cardiac catheterization which revealed multivessel disease with 2 arteries-90% blocked and 1 artery-60% blocked. Reiferd later underwent triple bypass, open heart surgery.

On May 7 th he was able to return home. Reiferd continues to recover and is participating in the Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation program located in the outpatient therapy department at Patterson Health Center. He will also be able to visit Dr. Hourani for his follow-up cardiology appointments in the specialty clinic at Patterson Health Center.

When we asked him about his experience at Patterson, he replied, “Doug and Mike made all the right medical decisions for me and I am here today because of them.”