The chait yoga was surprisingly easy and fun. I feel better, can walk farther and do more than I could with I started...Read more.

LeAnn Lower

Dr. Amy Walker Wife, daughter, mother, Dentist, friend and faithful servant.   At age 37 years Amy felt the urge to get a mammogram.   What led her to this?  Did she feel something? Did she have a lump?   Was she in pain?  No lump, no family history of breast cancer.   Some pain on both sides that.....Read more.

Dr. Amy Walker

Phillip Fisher may not live in Harper County or be a local, he just happened to be visiting from Brookhaven, Mississippi.   We are happy to know the care he received at Patterson Health Center made him feel like family.  Here is what Phillip had to say:..Read more.

Phillip Fisher

BarBara Wright recently spent a few days (and nights) at Patterson Health Center’s inpatient swing bed.  This is what BarBara had to say about her stay –..Read more.

BarBara Wright

Mr. John McDermott sat under a canopy in his lawn chair with his tailgate down selling watermelon and cantaloupe at the Harper County Homegrown Farm and Art Market.  If you were to ask what he was doing a year ago – He’ll tell you exactly where he was and what he was doing July 21 and 22, 2019.  .....Read more.

John McDermott

February 2020 Danny Porter was experiencing overall fatigue, shortness of breath and tightness in his legs.  Knowing the signs and symptoms, combined with a family history of heart disease, Danny scheduled an appointment with his primary care physician Dr. Sid Stranathan at Patterson Rural Health.....Read more.

Danny Porter

What the locals say – Patterson Health Center recently received this thank you card from one of our patients. Thank you, Frances “Frankie” Walker, for the kind words.   We appreciate the opportunity to serve you...Read more.

Francis "Frankie" Walker

On Saturday May 16, 2020 Payson Hedlund was at his home roping in the arena with his son when his left arm went numb, his neck and jaw became tight with radiating pain and his chest became heavy and “on fire”.  Payson knew something wasn’t right.  He immediately phoned his sister in law, an.....Read more.

Payson Hedlund